Saturday, January 25, 2014

NAKED SECRETS by Debbie Vaughan

They say to keep your friends close but your enemies closer...but what if you can’t tell which is which?!

Just when everything in Connie Bennett’s life seems to be coming together, hidden secrets threaten to tear her world asunder

After killer sex, a whirlwind courtship, fueled in part by demon curses and friend Dee’s less than helpful magic, Connie and vampire entrepreneur, Tom Thornton are engaged and living the dream with best friend Raf and wonder wiener, Willy the dachshund.  

So, why the bodyguards?

The government has taken a sudden interest in their well being.  Has the trio really been placed under the protection of the FARM or next on its hit list?  Were the plain-clothed shifters sent to watch to their backs or put a bullet in them?  As Tom’s secrets are stripped bare, all are confronted with the consequences of past decisions. 

Can their love and friendship survive a clandestine government agency’s hidden agenda and a pact with the devil?